Die in harness


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Die in harness to die at one's work
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. harneis, armour; dubiously referred to Celt., as in Bret. harnez, old iron, also armour.


In literature:

We work till we can work no longer, and are proud, like old horses, to die in harness.
"India: What can it teach us?" by F. Max Müller
If I die in the harness, as is very likely, I shall die with honor.
"Architects of Fate" by Orison Swett Marden
Then pensively looking at his fallen foe, "Peace to his ashes," he said; "he died in harness!
"Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia being the adventures of Prince Prigio's son" by Andrew Lang
This was not to be, though he was to die "in harness," like Nicanor of old, without lingering illness or broken powers.
"Charles Carleton Coffin" by William Elliot Griffis
Die in the harness instead of fading slowly away.
"Dollars and Sense" by Col. Wm. C. Hunter
He would return to work and die in harness.
"The Christmas Peace" by Thomas Nelson Page
They harnessed it up and it brought in the cart; and that night, being given a good feed of oats, it died from shock.
"The Relief of Mafeking" by Filson Young
The sands are running out and I shall never now read the immortable Hobbes, but I'll not die in your bloody harness.
"Greener Than You Think" by Ward Moore
Har Rai died in 1661, having nominated his younger son, Harkrishn, a child of six, as his successor.
"The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir" by Sir James McCrone Douie
Twice Viceroy of India, and died there in harness.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of St. Paul" by Arthur Dimock
The American works until he can't play; and then thanks the devil, his master, that he is donkey enough to die in harness.
"Eugenics and Other Evils" by G. K. Chesterton
The dumb animals had literally died in harness.
"The Johnstown Horror" by James Herbert Walker
It is only to die in harness after all.
"Wau-nan-gee or the Massacre at Chicago" by Major John Richardson
I feel that I am going; but let me die in harness.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland" by John Mackay Wilson
M. Benot, the Frenchman who died in harness early in the season, poor little gentleman!
"Life on the Stage" by Clara Morris
They die in harness, harnessed to the car of Mammon.
"Jonathan and His Continent" by Max O'Rell
He died in harness, falling, struck by apoplexy, even at the bar.
"History of the Commune of 1871" by P. Lissagary
So the poor soul will die in harness.
"The Works of Honoré de Balzac" by Honoré de Balzac
The grand old fellow died in harness.
"Venice and its Story" by Thomas Okey
Sooner die in harness!
"Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyalty" by J. W. de Forest

In poetry:

Watchers, he died in harness—died in the shafts and straps—
Fell, and the burden killed him: one of the day's mishaps—
One of the passing wonders marking the city road—
A toiler dying in harness, heedless of call or goad.
"Dying In Harness" by John Boyle O Reilly

In news:

The flag-draped coffin of former US Sen Arlen Specter is taken from Har Zion Temple after his funeral, Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012, in Penn Valley, Pa. Family members say Specter died Sunday of complications from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Authorities say a Connecticut woman who was parasailing with her husband in South Florida died after her harness broke and she plummeted as much as 200 feet into the Atlantic Ocean.
Kathleen Miskell, 28, and her husband, Stephen, 31, were strapped together in tandem 200ft above the Atlantic Ocean when Kathleen slipped from her harness and died.
Yoshio Hosobuchi, 74, apparently died when his ankle became entangled in a harness around his waist, leaving him dangling upside down in a waterfall, Zion National Park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus said.
Peter Lougheed, the Alberta premier who harnessed his province's vast oil and gas resources to transform its economy, died Thursday in Calgary, Alberta .
Two people died outside one of Harmony Gold Mining Co.'s (HAR.JO) gold mines in South Africa late Thursday in what the company said appeared to be inter-union rivalry.

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