• WordNet 3.6
    • n bellicosity a natural disposition to fight
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n bellicosity Bellicose tendency or disposition; warlike intention or desire.
    • ***


In literature:

We've bidden good-bye to life in a cage, we're finished with pushing a pen; They're pumping us full of bellicose rage, they're showing us how to be men.
"Rhymes of a Red Cross Man" by Robert W. Service
We opine that there is more bellicosity than science among your highbrows.
"Greenmantle" by John Buchan
The animal was studying him with bellicose curiosity.
"Love of Life and Other Stories" by Jack London
As a leisure-class usage of this kind we have, particularly, that bizarre survival of bellicose chivalry, the German student duel.
"The Theory of the Leisure Class" by Thorstein Veblen
Servile and fawning as he had been before, he was now as domineering and bellicose.
"The Sea-Wolf" by Jack London
Thus addressed he glared at the speaker, but encountered a bellicose look which kept him quiet.
"In the Year of Jubilee" by George Gissing
Then follows the interminable history of the lecherous and bellicose King Omar.
"The Life of Sir Richard Burton" by Thomas Wright
Then Martie and Mrs. Curley and mild little Mr. Bull and bellicose Mr.
"Martie the Unconquered" by Kathleen Norris
It is an irony of history that Serb bellicosity and nationalistic dreams gave rise to the modern Albanian state.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
The bellicose bishop of Strassburg and Passau, brother of Ferdinand, had little difficulty in persuading the downtrodden man to rise to vengeance.
"The Life of John of Barneveld, 1609-15, Volume I." by John Lothrop Motley
Whenever she roused her husband to a state of bellicose ire by her taunts she could always reduce him again by her tears.
"The American Senator" by Anthony Trollope
The diversion saved the Englishman from any bellicose intention of the mate, who hurried off to take a hand in the sport.
"The Cruise of the Dry Dock" by T. S. Stribling
My own driver, who had doubtless begun to think that the sovereign I had promised him was in danger, was inclined to be somewhat bellicose.
"My Strangest Case" by Guy Boothby
She liked the feel of his faithful hand, and the glance of his timid and yet bellicose eye.
"Hilda Lessways" by Arnold Bennett
Of his brothers, the eldest, Louis, Duke of Anjou, was restless, harsh, and bellicose.
"A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times Volume II. of VI." by Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot
Madame de Pompadour had just procured for herself a support in her obstinate bellicosity.
"A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times Volume VI. of VI." by Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot
Antonyms: bellicose, belligerent, contentious, rebellious, pugnacious.
"Putnam's Word Book" by Louis A. Flemming
When one nation publicly turns bellicose the rest must copy her preparations.
"New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1" by Various
Robert led the way, brandishing his immense blade; the bellicose baker looked after the rear.
"My Lords of Strogue Vol. III, (of III)" by Lewis Wingfield
A cheerful bellicose book.
"Woven with the Ship" by Cyrus Townsend Brady

In poetry:

The versatile Jap's in the game,
Because of a treaty he came,
For old Johnnie Bull,
Will have his hands full,
The bellicose Germans to tame.
"The Allied Forces" by Abner Cosens

In news:

GOP Nominees Didn't Always Run As Bellicose Nationalists.
In Thailand, Support for King Grows Bellicose .
Where did all this bellicose determination come from.
We'd like to think that women in power would somehow be less pro-war, but in the Obama administration it appears that the bellicosity is worst among Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power.
Chaotic and corrupt, the young city is populated by bellicose congressmen, Confederate conspirators, and enterprising prostitutes.
John Goodman plays bellicose movie executive Al Zimmer.
India's prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, defied bellicose politicians in his own party this week to renew diplomatic and aviation links with Pakistan.
What is behind Condé Nast's bellicose approach to the Web.
Acting with tolerance and compassion is much better than being bossy, bullying and bellicose More.
The Microsoft CEO is known for his bellicose tantrums and withering criticism.
North Korea sounded a bellicose note in its first communication with the outside world since the death of l.
In "Lincoln," Steven Spielberg's new movie about the nation's 16th President, there are several scenes with a bellicose Fernando Wood, a representative from New York, roaring against the 13th Amendment that would end slavery.
Project strength but not bellicosity.
With bellicose theatrics between Israel and Iran nearing fever pitch, US President Barack Obama recently received some sage advice from the Bush administration's point man on dealings with the Islamic Republic.
Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Ayn Rand, the 20th century's most bellicose/eloquent (select adjective based on political persuasion) defender of laissez-faire capitalism, is experiencing a revival.

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