degree centigrade


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n degree centigrade a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature
    • ***


In literature:

Swemberg and Fourier calculate the temperature of the celestial spaces at 50 degrees centigrade below freezing.
"Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889" by Barkham Burroughs
Marie Davy has since shown that this corresponds to a heating effect of about 1/1300 of a Centigrade degree.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884" by Various
He at once placed the set in a small oven which he raised to 50 degrees centigrade.
"Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X" by Victor Appleton
Twelve degrees of frost "centigrade" is no joke.
"Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris" by Henry Labouchère
The melting point is around 250 degrees Centigrade.
"Four-Day Planet" by Henry Beam Piper
At a temperature of almost exactly 360 degrees centigrade, there was no liquid water on the planet, naturally.
"Invaders from the Infinite" by John Wood Campbell
Temperature coefficient of modulus of torsional rigidity per degree centigrade, 22 deg.
"On Laboratory Arts" by Richard Threlfall
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
To convert degrees Centigrade into Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32.
"How Girls Can Help Their Country" by Juliette Low
Oxygen, too, at 200 degrees below the zero of Centigrade adheres to a magnet like iron.
"The Machinery of the Universe" by Amos Emerson Dolbear
C; hence a degree Centigrade represents 5/9 of a degree Fahrenheit.
"Dietetics for Nurses" by Fairfax T. Proudfit
A degree of Centigrade is equal to one degree and four-fifths, Fahrenheit.
"The Philosophy of the Weather" by Thomas Belden Butler
Centigrade, it follows that the pressure of a column 4846 feet high will lower it nine-tenths of a degree Centigrade.
"The Glaciers of the Alps" by John Tyndall
Place a clam in water sufficient to cover it and heat slowly to about 40 degrees Centigrade, until the valves open slightly.
"A Guide for the Study of Animals" by Worrallo Whitney
Centigrade; it is only in the liquid state during the intermediate range of 100 degrees.
"Are the Planets Inhabited?" by E. Walter Maunder
This oil has a boiling point of over 210 degrees Centigrade as against the 150 degrees of ordinary gum spirits.
"Paint Technology and Tests" by Henry A. Gardner
Unless otherwise noted, temperatures are expressed in degrees Centigrade.
"Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata Agassiz" by John M. Legler
Yet this would require a rise of only half a degree Centigrade in the mean temperature of Palestine.
"Climatic Changes" by Ellsworth Huntington
The ambient air temperature of this room was 20 to 23 degrees Centigrade throughout the experiments, and averaged 21 degrees.
"Comparative Ecology of Pinyon Mice and Deer Mice in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado" by Charles L. Douglas
The temperature was minus 28 degrees Centigrade.
"Post-Impressions" by Simeon Strunsky

In news:

But that potential 1.5 billion reduction is more than a third of the difference between business-as-usual emissions and the level needed to stand something like a 50:50 chance of limiting global warming to two degrees centigrade.
Berkeley scientists find Earth has warmed since one degree centigrade since the 1950s.
Temperature is measured in degrees Centigrade (or Celcuis) by thermometers .

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