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    • n genetics the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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  • Interesting fact: Scientists have discovered a way to make biodegradable plastic from plants by using genetic engineering.
    • n genetics That portion of evolutionary science which deals with natural development uncomplicated by human purpose or artificial process.
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  • Martin Ritt
    Martin Ritt
    “I don't have a lot of respect for talent. Talent is genetic. It's what you do with it that counts.”


In literature:

Dallas, Alexander, protests to Genet against sailing of Little Sarah, ii.
"George Washington, Vol. I" by Henry Cabot Lodge
A day was passed in receiving addresses, and then Genet was presented to the President.
"George Washington, Vol. II" by Henry Cabot Lodge
But a great deal of evidence has been produced to show that the genetic basis, in man and some other forms at least, is double.
"Taboo and Genetics" by Melvin Moses Knight, Iva Lowther Peters, and Phyllis Mary Blanchard
French, "Rale des pres," "Rale de terre" ou "de Genet," "Poule d'eau de genet.
"Birds of Guernsey (1879)" by Cecil Smith
No shadow of a principle at once psychic and genetic appeared in his philosophy.
"The Life of Reason" by George Santayana
How did he act when insulted by Genet?
"Washington's Birthday" by Various
It must be admitted that Genet would have had an easy task, had he had but the people to reckon with.
"American Merchant Ships and Sailors" by Willis J. Abbot
It was to give a genetic reconstruction of the literature and show the progress of the history which the Scripture enshrines.
"Edward Caldwell Moore" by Edward Moore
And, after all, is it quite so certain that a genetic relation may not underlie the classification of minerals?
"Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews" by Thomas Henry Huxley
First instalment, Genetics I, p. 1-52; second instalment, Genetics I, No.
"Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila" by Thomas Hunt Morgan
But I'm not gonna let the fact that I'm genetically better suited to famine than feast get to me.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
The warm air was laden with the smell of genets, the sky was brightly blue over our white lattice.
"The Tower of Oblivion" by Oliver Onions
It must not be a casual intimacy, but a permeation, a genetic wedding of souls.
"Romain Rolland" by Stefan Zweig
Wipe out this fascinating genetic pool?
"Sense of Obligation" by Henry Maxwell Dempsey (AKA Harry Harrison)
There is an intimate and even a genetic connection between intrusions on the one hand and volcanic and fissure eruptions on the other.
"North America" by Israel C. Russell
The black are known as genet, although the true genet is a spotted wild cat.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 3" by Various
Then Genet, still at Charleston and before being regularly accredited, took upon himself to outfit privateers and to commission them.
"Thomas Jefferson" by Gilbert Chinard
These cliffs are also tenanted by a colony of Genets.
"Wild Spain (España agreste)" by Abel Chapman
I have by no means mentioned all the observations that speak for the genetic relation of the libido to fear.
"A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis" by Sigmund Freud
Genet had no sooner landed at Charleston than he began to fit out privateers to prey upon British commerce.
"Alexander Hamilton" by Charles A. Conant

In news:

Relationship to thiopurine methyltransferase genetic polymorphism.
Bacteria, however, have been passing genetic information from one generation to the next for at least 3 billion years, and they will most likely still be reproducing when humans are long gone.
Use of Planetary Ball Mill in genetics research.
Allergen-free cow's milk and pigs with hardened arteries illustrate how the accuracy of genetic engineering has improved.
Why the food movement's demonization of genetically modified crops isn't just scientifically baseless —it's politically stupid.
Joseph Cody Genet, 26, is serving a sentence of one to 15 years for a burglary conviction out of Wayne County.
A new online game harnesses the computational power of idle brains to help decipher the origins of genetic diseases.
Genetic test results for Lynch syndrome improved with new computer program .
Dx makers would like to keep patent protection, but patient groups say it stifles broader access to genetic tests at lower cost.
These rare breeds have regional and historical value, but conserving them is particularly important because of their genetic uniqueness.
If you're at RootsTech, is offering free 10-minute genetic genealogy consultations .
Salquist, chief executive of Calgene Inc, can smile as he tours his greenhouses in Davis, Calif In a few months, he hopes to market the world's first genetically engineered, good-tasting tomato.
COLUMBIA — MU researchers are attempting to sequence more than 1,000 commercially important soybean varieties in an effort to decipher the soybeans' genetic codes.
Cracking Your Genetic Code .
COLUMBIA — MU researchers are attempting to sequence more than 1,000 commercially important soybean varieties in an effort to decipher the soybeans' genetic code s.

In science:

From the point of view of applications, the samples concern not the individuals themselves, but usually some of their genetic material.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
We now come to one of the true cornerstones of mathematical population genetics, which is Ewens’ sampling formula for the allelic partition of Kingman’s coalescent (these terms will be defined in a moment).
Recent progress in coalescent theory
As a result, this formula is widely used in population genetics and in practical studies; its importance and impact are hard to overstate.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Along with the infinite alleles model, there is a different model for genetic variation, called the infinite sites model.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Recombination is a truly fundamental process of life, as it guarantees a mixing of the genetic material.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
However, because of recombination, some individuals got their genetic material at the locus β from individuals which may not have been a descendant from the original mutant.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
We now provide a very short and partial presentation of the stepping stone model of population genetics.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
The latent roots of certain Markov chains arising in genetics: a new approach, I.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
The latent roots of certain Markov chains arising in genetics: a new approach, II.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
An approximate sampling formula under genetic hitchhiking.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Coalescing markov labelled partitions and a continuous sites genetics model with infinitely many types.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Genetic drift in an infinite population: the pseudohitchhiking model.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
The stepping stone model of population structure and the decrease of genetic correlations with distance.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Kimura. A mathematical analysis of the stepping stone model of genetic correlation. J.
Recent progress in coalescent theory
Mathematical population genetics, the coalescent and the Poisson–Dirichlet distribution.
More Uses of Exchangeability: Representations of Complex Random Structures

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