oil of vitriol


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n oil of vitriol (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Oil of vitriol (Chem) strong sulphuric acid; -- so called from its oily consistency and from its forming the vitriols or sulphates.
    • Oil of vitriol sulphuric or vitriolic acid; -- popularly so called because it has the consistency of oil.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Oil of vitriol concentrated sulphuric acid
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—Low L. vitriolumvitriolus—L. vitreus, of glass.


In literature:

A metallic chloride, treated with oil of vitriol, disengages chlorohydric acid.
"American Handbook of the Daguerrotype" by Samuel D. Humphrey
Helene went up to the garret above this, made a hole in the ceiling, and dropped oil of vitriol on her companion's dress to burn it.
"She Stands Accused" by Victor MacClure
I continue same course of medecine and regimen except that I added one doze of 15 drops of the oil of vitriol today about noon.
"The Journals of Lewis and Clark" by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
I soak my feet in oil of vitriol.
"Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 23, September 3, 1870" by Various
Ivory black and treacle, of each, one pound; sweet oil and oil of vitriol, of each, a quarter of a pound.
"Enquire Within Upon Everything" by Anonymous
The manufactory of oil of vitriol is on a large scale, and is worthy of attention.
"A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium" by Richard Boyle Bernard
On submitting the matter to a chemical friend, he ascertained that the acid in question was the sulphuric, or oil of vitriol.
"Notes & Queries, No. 45, Saturday, September 7, 1850" by Various
Ink spots on floors can be extracted by scouring with sand wet in oil of vitriol and water.
"The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887)" by Mrs. F.L. Gillette
The sulphuric acid was strong oil of vitriol; one cubical inch of it was equivalent to 486 grains of marble.
"Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1" by Michael Faraday
This is too slow for most plants so it is treated with oil of vitriol or sulphuric acid to make it available.
"The First Book of Farming" by Charles L. Goodrich
Sulphuric acid, for oil of vitriol.
"French Polishing and Enamelling" by Richard Bitmead
Set the light shade with a few drops of oil of vitriol, and the dark shade with copperas.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
The voice was oily, but the oil was oil of vitriol.
"Unwise Child" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Mix a little of the indigo with a small quantity of oil of vitriol, add a little chalk and stir well.
"Vegetable Dyes" by Ethel M. Mairet
Vinegar is made of whisky, or of oil of vitriol.
"The Humbugs of the World" by P. T. Barnum
What resemblance or connection can there be between oil of vitriol and this acid?
"Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2" by Jane Marcet
If for a second course, tripe may be substituted for the mangel-wurzel, but oil of vitriol is preferable.
"Punch - Volume 25 (Jul-Dec 1853)" by Various
He succeeded in manufacturing this material by treating common salt with oil of vitriol and heat.
"Catholic Churchmen in Science" by James J. Walsh
The action of iron or zinc scraps on diluted oil of vitriol is among the best.
"Scientific American, Vol. XXXVII.--No. 2. [New Series.], July 14, 1877" by Various
She is a fierce and foaming combination Of turpentine with vitriolic oil.
"Poetical Ingenuities and Eccentricities" by Various

In poetry:

How sleepy and chilly are windows
In the twilight hours of frost.
Dry vitriol oil. At the bottom,
A gnat, and expired wasps.
"The spring-it had simply been you" by Boris Pasternak

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